Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amish Exemption

One question I continue to ask to myself is, how have the Amish learned to thrive off American culture but then also shun it?
Regular activities like using electricity is rejected by Amish culture, however, they thrive off our economy by selling us their Amish-made products.  Many people believe that the Amish are exempt from paying taxes, however, they are not.  They are exempt from the "Social Security Act."  They feel that paying insurance is not "trusting in god."  Who's to say that an Amish person will not need emergency room care?  They are also exempt from medicare.
The Amish believe in a separation between church and state and that they should be able to take care of their own.  Many problems arise when this complete separation and power is given to a culture within a nation.  How can a society not become corrupt when there are no regulations from the federal government?  The perception of a peaceful, loving, non-corrupt and non-harming community allows them to commit such atrocities of sexual abuse, animal abuse, and ignoring some federal laws without much attention.  
It can be Argued that allowing such independence can lead to corruption in society.  Most people do not see the Amish community as a threat.  However, any independent society should not be trusted.


  1. My sister rents from an amish person.
    They bring their tools and freezer to her garage and plug it in for free
    and basically use her modern day stuff.
    Then they charge exhorbitant rent and refuse to repair anything on the house. I believe a lot of it is they are simply too ignorant to understand electric and plumbing.
    They DO understand getting top dollar in rent though!

    I have lived in Lancaster County most of my 60 years and I can say
    nearly all the so-called 'religious' beliefs of the amish are simply ways they can take advantage of the system we have in place today.
    From not paying road taxes and destroying our roads with steel wheels and horseshoes to using the hospitals when they get sick for free. They pick and choose which laws they want to follow as per cost. I come from a Mennonite background and I can tell you it's all about the MONEY for the amish and the Mennonites. Tight with a dollar and totally devoid of compassion or human understanding towards others is part of their culture.

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